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Innovative solutions for advisors

Looking to Build, Expand & Retire

The Beginning of a New Train of Thought

Utilizing industry best practices while leveraging our marketing expertise and relationships for YOUR benefit.


Our platform was built by advisors for advisors by doing what no other marketing organization does, we market for you, not to you. 



We anticipate your future needs and believe it’s time you have a true partner that invest in you. We understand your time is best served with clients and prospects – that’s why we take care of everything else.



We leave what is working alone and focus on specific areas within your firm that when improved, will generate the best possible return.




Your Challenge

You developed the experience and skill sets to solve consumer’s financial problems using life insurance, annuities, investments, tax strategies, possibly legal planning. Now, how do you let consumers know about your services and replicate your best clients? How can you use the power of visualization to connect? How do you motivate your audience to embrace you?


Your time is best spent on income generating activities, meeting with prospects and clients, however, running a business demands your time. Those required activities such as branding, marketing, content, communication with clients and prospects. We understand your time is best spent with clients and new prospects; that's why we handle everything for you.


“We do not rise to the level of our hopes; we fall to the level of our training.”

- Archilochus


 Your challenge

Taking your business to that next level can seem difficult, daunting, and ultimately frustrating. You have grown your business but, you can’t seem to get past previous levels of revenue and achieve the ultimate level of success that you have your heart set on.

How can you have that “breakthrough” to take your business to the next level?


Our three-tiered approach to expanding your business is 100% process driven and time tested. Depending on where your business is currently, we have the solution for you and your firm.


Our documented, step by step approach helps agents make the transition and become an advisor. Everything is accounted for and documented.

The outcome of this training is to create a predictable process for you to follow with each and every client while establishing you as the authority. Think of your doctor or attorney, they handle every meeting, the same way, every time. The end result is they gain the authority through this process to prescribe a solution that you then implement. The financial industry is the same way. Become the authority and you will control the entire client relationship.

We do not "retrain" you. We organize your experience to then help create a better experience for your prospects and clients.

Once you have mastered the Alinea process, and your confidence has yielded additional and predictable income, it's time to elevate your marketing and prospecting techniques. The competition won't be able to catch up.

Our advisors increase sales 26.9% within the first year, on average.

This happens by design, not chance. Our consultants provide your firm a written plan for client and prospect events, seminars, advertisements, presentations, and educational events. All communications are designed by our eight-person design team and written by industry professionals.



We've engineered solutions that deliver results by offering family office planning to middle America.

Comprehensive planning takes both time and experience in several planning disciplines. You don't have any more time and it's incredibly difficult and cost prohibitive to hire these professionals.

Leverage CPAs, CFPs, CFAs, CLUs, and Estate and Trust Attorneys to design a comprehensive plan give you more time to visit with prospects and clients. They design the entire financial plan, you fill it with the appropriate life insurance, annuity, and investments.


Insure your lifetime of work continues

 to benefit you, and your clients.

We can show you how.


Your challenge

You have done a great job for your clients, their families, and yours. Unfortunately, you don’t have children that are following in your foot steps or know how to perpetuate your business. In addition, you are sensing that your prospects and clients are concerned about who will be there for them when you are not. How can you capitalize on your lifetime of work for the benefit of your clients and for your own retirement?


Retirement is not an event, it’s a process of making great decisions.

If you are a few years away from retirement or slowing down, we have a solution that will ensure the years you spend working, will be the most beneficial for you. With Alinea, you are never alone in the business, it’s time your prospects and clients know.


We have A Deep understanding 

of how to support top advisors.

We would like to share what we know. 



"Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect"

- Alan Cohen

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