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Choose Your Path

Path 1

You have a value proposition, a story that resonates, amazing marketing and you are a recruiting machine. You are content with your level or success and are confident about the future but need;

  1. Insurance carrier strategy and insight.
  2. Direct carrier relationships.
  3. Carrier clout.
  4. Competitive spread with all carriers.

Path 2

You have the skill sets, determination, and experience to recruit. You have the desire to build and grow but competition is challenging and you want to feel confident about the future.

You need:

  1. A competitive advantage.
  2. World class marketing.
  3. A unique value proposition that will motivate top advisors to do business with you.
  4. To better retain the advisors you recruit.
  5. Something exclusive.

either way, You can't go wrong.

Our organization has a track record of delivering.

  • Currently, we place an average of $295,890 in life premium per day.
  • We build distribution and support 250+ organizations.